From simple maintenance to large clearing projects, we treat every job with the same dedication and care. 



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Large Tree Removal/ Large Scale Land Clearing

Now with the addition of the “Big Beast”, the largest chipper in Victoria taking logs up to 22 inches. Tree Top Tower Hire can tackle the biggest tree removal and large scale land clearing jobs, for domestic, commercial and industrial situations.

Tree Pruning and Full Removal

Trees can be damaged by the elements as well as disease, animals and insects. Pruning is important to cut away dead or excess branches of trees to maintain their health and appearance and to minimise risk and obstructions to roads, walkways and utilities. Depending on risk assessments and the health of your trees it may be the safest option to fully remove problem trees. Our qualified technicians can assess the best options for you and your trees.

Storm Damage Removal

Trees affected by storm damage need urgent attention to reduce damage and risk to people and property. Where possible once the dangers have been controlled trees can be pruned to maintain ongoing health and safety. 

Powerline Clearance

To minimise potential interruptions to power supply, maintain public safety, and prevent bushfires, all power lines must be vegetation-free. All tree technicians are fully trained, with training updated yearly, in best work and safety practices for working with power lines. 



Roadside Vegetation Clearance

Maintaining and conserving roadside vegetation has many benefits for wildlife such as food sources, structural habitats, and corridors as well as other environmental impacts as fire control and soil erosion.

Qualified Arborist - Advanced Certificate in Arboriculture 

Tree Top Tower Hire has several qualified Arborists holding Certificates III in Horticulture (Arboriculture) and Advanced Certificate IV in Arboriculture. 

Stump Removal/Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding is an effective way to completely remove stumps after tree removal. Left over stump grindings can be removed or recycled and used as mulch.

Mulch Sales

Revamp your garden with a new layer of mulch to protect your garden from weeds and retain soil moisture.